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A Green Alternative to Plastic Straws
Our Mission
Our mission is to raise awareness about our unsustainable use of plastic straws. The only way to reduce plastic pollution is to use less plastic. But to do that, we need a cultural mind shift. 

Green Straw Club, with its radiant collection of eco-friendly straws, gives people an easy, effective and most importantly, sustainable way to make a change that will significantly reduce the amount of plastic that needlessly end up in our landfills.

Rethink” how much harm and damage plastic straws are inflicting upon our planet. 

Do everything in your power to “Reuse” and recycle as many products as possible to ensure future generations inherit a healthy, vibrant planet.

Do your part to help out by shifting mindset to "Restraw" from plastic drinking straws to eco-friendly, reusable straws that help restore our planet to its original beauty. 
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